Introducing Bio-Safe, your water conditioner and vitamin supplement designed to ensure the well-being of your aquarium. This advanced formula goes beyond the basics, providing comprehensive care for your fish in various scenarios. Add Bio-safe when doing water changes, breeding fish, medicating sick fish, introducing new fish, transporting fish.

Bio-Safe removes chlorine & chloramine / binds heavy metals / reduces stress / strengthens slime coat / 10 added vitamins.

Bio-Safe is made, packaged and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty Ltd.



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Key Features:

  1. Chlorine and Chloramine Neutralization: Bio-Safe swiftly removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water, safeguarding your fish from harmful substances during water changes.
  2. Heavy Metal Binding: The conditioner efficiently binds heavy metals, creating a safe aquatic environment for your fish to thrive.
  3. Slime Coat Strengthening: Bio-Safe actively fortifies the fish’s slime coat, providing an additional defense against potential infections.
  4. Stress Reduction: By reducing fish stress, Bio-Safe promotes a healthier and more relaxed aquatic environment, particularly during water changes, introduction of new fish, and breeding periods.
  5. Vitamin Enrichment: Packed with 10 essential vitamins, this supplement supports the overall health and vitality of your fish. Vitamins play a crucial role in bolstering the immune system and enhancing the fish’s natural resilience.

Ideal Usage Scenarios:

  • Water Changes: Use Bio-Safe during water changes to instantly neutralize chlorine and chloramine, ensuring a smooth transition for your fish.
  • Introducing New Fish: Minimize stress and potential body slime damage during the transportation and acclimation of new fish by adding Bio-Safe to the aquarium.
  • Breeding Periods: Support fish during breeding with Bio-Safe, added before, during, and after the breeding process. Breeding can be a taxing time for fish, often leading to weakness, stress, and reduced appetite. Bio-Safe helps mitigate these challenges.
  • Medication: Use Bio-Safe during and after medicating fish to provide a supportive and stress-free environment for recovery.

Trust Bio-Safe to be your reliable partner in ensuring the optimal health and well-being of your aquatic companions. With its versatile applications, this water conditioner and vitamin supplement make aquarium care a breeze. Keep your fish happy, healthy, and vibrant with Bio-Safe.


Add 5ml per 200 litres with each water change.

Bio-Safe is made, packaged and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty Ltd.

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