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Biotope NKPFe plant fertiliser contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, best used with Biotope PF2 fertiliser.

Biotope NKPFe is made and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty Ltd

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Biotope NKPFe fertiliser is most effective when used in conjunction with Biotope PF2 weekly fertiliser, and is only added when required, if plants are healthy with strong growth the addition of NKPFe is not required, this would indicate that the plants are thriving on a weekly dose of Biotope PF2.

Biotope PF2 weekly plant fertiliser also contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and iron, along with many other supplements, but it is these 4 supplements that are rapidly used when CO2 is injected into the water, however the demand on these elements can vary depending on other factors, the plant species, the mix of plants rooted or cutting plants, hours and the amount of light, number of water changes, number of fish.

Biotope NKPFe fertiliser can be added once midweek or even daily if required, BUT ONLY ADD WHEN REQUIRED.

Increased algae growth, with any signs of increased algae growth stop using NKPFe along with small water changes daily until algae subsides.

After algae has subsided NKPFe can be reintroduced at half the previous dose rate, monitor algae and adjust accordingly.

Biotope NKPFe is made and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty Ltd



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