Sintered Glass Filter TUBES



  1. Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes are a versatile filter media and suitable for use in Marine aquariums, Tropical Aquariums, Coldwater Aquariums, or Ponds.
  2. These tubes are designed to be used as a pre-filter to Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Beads or can be used as the main standalone biological filter media.
  3. Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes can be used in all types of filters including canister filter and sump filters.
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Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes serve as highly efficient filters, both mechanically and biologically. When used as a pre-filter, they play a crucial role in ensuring smooth water flow, reducing filter clogging, and helping maintain consistent pumping flow rates. The unique physical shape of the tubes allows water to flow evenly throughout, simultaneously trapping organic matter and ensuring reduced clogging before water progresses to the next stage of the filtration process.

If used solely as a pre-filter, approximately 20% of the total filter area is required. However, if employed as both a pre-filter and the main biological filter media, these tubes can cover a greater percentage of the total filter area. While the Sintered Glass Tubes are excellent for biological filtration, to maximize the biological capacity, we recommend combining them with Biotope Sintered Glass Filter beads.

Manufactured from highly efficient sintered glass, Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes provide an ideal habitat for millions of nitrifying bacteria, essential for the removal of ammonia and nitrite.

Choose Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes for effective and versatile filtration benefiting the water both mechanically and biologically.

Biotope Sintered Glass Filter Tubes are package and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty. Ltd.

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Sintered Glass Filter Tubes

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