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Introducing Biotope Filter Wadding – the ideal solution for enhancing the efficiency of your filtration system. This mechanical and biological filter media is versatile, allowing you to cut it to any size to accommodate a variety of filters

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Designed to be compatible with most filtration systems, including sump filters and canister filters, Biotope Filter Wadding is a reliable choice for aquarium enthusiasts. For optimal performance, we recommend placing it as the final filter media, serving as the last line of defense before the water is reintroduced into the aquarium.

Biotope Filter Wadding excels at filtering very fine dirt particles that may bypass other filter media. This is achieved through two key mechanisms: mechanical filtration, where it physically traps fine particles, and biological filtration, as it provides a habitat for essential aerobic enzymes.

This versatile filter media is suitable for a range of aquatic environments, including marine aquariums, tropical aquariums, cold-water aquariums, and ponds. To ensure a clean and healthy aquatic environment replace Biotope Filter Wadding with each filter cleaning; please note that it is not recommended for reuse.

Biotope Filter Wadding is package and distributed in Australia by Aquaforce Pty.Ltd.

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Filter Wadding

30cm X 50cm, 30cm X 2mt